8-bit font tool: editor, rotator, mirror

This is small tool writtent in Visual Studio Express VB. Main purpose of this tool is to find 8 bit wide fonts and graphics in various ROM, firmware files and export to binary or C source file.
Tool can edit single bits (pixels) change bit order (mirror), rotate bits and work with blocks of memory (in case of 8×8 matrix- rotate CW and CCW), flip up-down.
All these manipulations help to prepare custom fonts for cheap LCD/OLED screens for use with ST32 or AVR MCU.
Support different font height so it is possible to extract EGA/CGA/VGA fonts from video card BIOS.

Font rotator

Software requirements: modern 32 or 64 bit Windows computer with .NET framework. I do not have key to sign software, so during installation, your windows OS will warn you several times during install.

There is MS Visual studio “install page” to get the file.

Original Lithuanian page about font rotator.

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