Cutting PCB panels for new universal STM board

I’ve noticed, that Chinese made “Blue Pill” PCB has fake chips. Some chips are with smaller ROM and RAM size, some chips behaves a bit strange. Also, several mine projects are getting bigger and bigger. Recently, I acquired several bigger chips (STM32F103RET6), from one local hardware company- they just utilized leftovers from warehouse. For this chip I designed new PCB with all pins exposed to standard 0,1″ headers, added USB connector and several mandatory elements. I squeezed all components to 5x5cm square. Minimal PCB size (for same price) is 10x10cm, so with the magic of copy-paste I quadrupled my PCB. There is option for cutting PCB in PCB-house, but it is quite expensive. Also, this extra cost increase value of PCB to such level, that I must pay the taxes for it. And the worst- I must pay “custom documents filling” fee (about 6x the small PCB price). My decision- I will cut PCB by myself.

From some paper dust particle board scraps and drawer holders (sliders) I build parallel moving “table” and glued “dremel” to base. Now I can cut nice, straight lines. And main thing- the cut lines are repeatable.

particle board and drawer slider for nice PCB panel cutting

When cutting, never cut whole PCB thickness at one cut. Cut half of the thickness from one size, and other half- from other side.

Keep half PCB thickness above the plane while cutting

Beware of ugly smell and tiny glass dust. Cut in open air or with good sucking ventilation.

Now I have lots of PCBs for my experiments:

new panelized PCB with dremel
It will be fun, if I made mistake in PCB design.

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