ARM:0009a – bug in CubeMX makefile

First you generate code, then you regenerate code, do make and…

> "make.exe" all
make.exe all -C ..
make.exe[1]: Entering directory 'F:/MyDoks/elektronika/ARM/daiktas-cube/SINGLE_UART'
Makefile:118: *** missing separator.  Stop.
make.exe[1]: Leaving directory 'F:/MyDoks/elektronika/ARM/daiktas-cube/SINGLE_UART'
make.exe: *** [makefile:3: all] Error 2

> Process Exit Code: 2
> Time Taken: 00:00

The bug is in generated main makefile:

# C includes
-IInc \
-IDrivers/STM32F1xx_HAL_Driver/Inc \
-IDrivers/STM32F1xx_HAL_Driver/Inc/Legacy \
-IDrivers/CMSIS/Device/ST/STM32F1xx/Include \


There is a repeated line with “Include”. Just delete that line. Very interesting, but after next code generation this bug will not appear!

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  1. As for now (end of 2023) the bug is fixed.

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