2D scanner, version 2

The first version of harware had serious problem- big geometrical distortion. So I added additional mirrors to lift laser beam. Also, I moved voice coils as near each other as I can. The finished scanner is much more smaller:
2d laser show laser scanner selfmade
I placed all optics as precise as I can- only 45 angles are allowed (this precise alligment was done using eyeballing only ­čÖé ). The result is much better, but still there is some other problems. Also, the voice coild have it own resonant frequency and in particular situations, the amplitude of the mirror angle is much higher. The main problem is my audio amplifier and Amiga computer emulation. I need low frequency amplifier working from DC to high pitch sound.

BTW, all laser mirror are “metal to front” type. They are salvaged from old copiers and laser printers. Regular mirrors have “glass in front” structure, so laser reflects not only from mirror side, but from the surface of the glass. Also, there is reflection in inner glass mass- the beam is reflected many times and lots of light power is lost.
For more information, google for “free space optics“.

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