2D laser scanner- mechanics

This real 2D scanner mechanics for laser beam. Not face ones with small DC motors, but real mirror system to form real image on some screen or fog.

All you need some real good laser source (I’ve used burnig red lasers from DVD recorders), two old hard disks. Some plastic/wood for base, hot melt glue and some electronics skills (or sound amplifier).

This is finished product:
2d laser scanner

This is one evening project and not very precise and perfect. First of all we need to cut voice coil and head holder from hard disk body. Remove read/write heads and glue small mirror to the axis. It is possible to make mirrors from hard disk platters.

2d scanner from hard disk voice coils
One voice coild is for horizontal scanning (x), other voice coil is for vertical scanning (y). I do not use fixed mirrors to move beam from one moving mirror to other. I just glued mirror with some angle. This simplifies the construction, but introduces geometrical error (can be conpensated in software).

2D hdd laser scanner
I left original flex PCB to connect voice coil to audio amplifier.

Both voice coild are controled by computer software via simple audio output. I was using special laser show software on my Amiga computer. As far I know, there is same software for other computer systems.
It is possible to control mirror with some MCU via ADC.

Original article (check the comment section) is here.
Original article was date as 2008, so please do not ask about some details- I do not remember. Please read second article about this device in action.

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