Repairing Nokia N80

Yeap, it was cool to have Nokia N8 in 2008. And it was cool to repair it… Original post from spring 2008:

This is consequences of certified repair of Nokia N80. Old metal case was damaged and was replaced. First of all it was not original part. Second- phones lost image on LCD screen. The other phone was bought and this one was left in the drawer. After some time “they” forced me to repair the phone.

Nokia N80 ribbbon cable LCD problems
It looks like, that certified technician crushed original flat cable with case and after some time it broke.

Nokia LCD cable broken repair N80 selfmade phone
Red arrow show the damage. I bought new ribbon cable in eBay and replaced. It was very strange, that parcel came from USA, not China.

Big thanks for Mr. Rolf2 for being very lazy to repair this phone and sending me the link in youtube with instructions about this phone disassemble.

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