Acer n35 GPS

This is abridged translation of old Lithuanian web blog article date from 2008.

I’ve sold several 5AR4 vacuum radio tubes in auction and received several virtual bucks. This was very small ammount of money, so I decided to buy somethis for fun. It was Acer n35 handheld computer, sold “as is”. As far I know, it is dead battery ­čÖé
So I payed about three vacuum tubes for this device:

At first this device was completely dead. But this happens, when you depleat liion battery- it locs and do not accept charge unless you give it “kick start” with external power supply.
So I dissasembled this handheld device and removed battery. Using external power supply I kickstarted cell to charging mode and finished charging using selfmade Liion charger.

Handheld computer is very weak and primitive… and using windows operating system. I found several software sources and installed navigation software.

As far for 2015: this device was used for some navigation and games. After some years it was abandonend and still sits in the drawer. BTW, the battery is the same and never locks again. Just connect external USB cable and after few minutes device boots up.

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