Outdoor housing

Everybody knows outdoors security cameras hanged on poles, house corners and other places. Typically it is white, gray of silver colored boxes with small windows in the front. Like these:

Outdoor video housing

What is inside this box? Here is one opened, but without lenses.

Outdoor video housing

Contents of the box:

A) heating element. Just small heater to heat the housing and especially the lenses and window. To remove possible fog.
B) here must be lenses. Sometimes with special iris driven by camera body and sometimes moving system to change zoom, focus or even viewing angle.
C) camera body.
D) this is 12V wire for camera body.
E) heater’s thermostat. It is set to max 25 oC temperature.

Not in this housing: the PSU for 230VAC/12VDC. Some camera bodies can use 24V or 230V AC supply.

In my case, the camera body is 12VDC, heater is 230V and PSU is ugly, made in Poland transformer. It was quite hard to place this transformer inside this housing. Also simple transformer PSU it is not very suitable in mine case. The AC power is very unstable and often is missing. So I decided to remake all system to 12VDC only. I need to change heating element and ensure, that 12VDC power supply is quite powerful. I am using switch-mode PSU with 5A max output current.

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