2 gigs of RAM

Long time ago all my computer were suffering from low memory. I always remember how my work computer lagged when I loaded bigger application and how that virtual memory was chewing harddisk. Especially when I loaded few programs at same time like in my home Amiga computer. Now I am trying to put as much RAM as I can.

All recent software and OS are very memory hungry beasts. But optimizing Windows I reduced memory usage. Now I need only ~150megs to run XP Pro. I don’t like bells and whistles- I kill all pop-up and useless software. Look at your Windows computer lower right corner. All these fancy icons are using RAM and your CPU power. Are they important?

My computer had 1.5Gb of RAM. Today I upgraded 2 DDR2 modules from 256 to 512. Now my computer mainboard is populated with 4 pcs of 512Mb DDR2 RAM modules. 1.5 gigs was enough for my work. In fact, I never filled all the RAM, but my windozeXP complained few time that it is low of virtual RAM (I manually set the size of virtual RAM). Microsoft can’t write programs working without virtual RAM ­čÖé

Here is the screenshot of task manager:

2G of RAM

As you see, my computer is optimised for low RAM and CPU load. I stopped all shitty popup software and unused windows services.

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