Peltiers (TEC units)

In eBay I bough quite powerful Peltiers (TEC, Thermo-Electric Cooler) unit. According to description it is “TEC cooler – Thermal Enterprises model CP1-12726”.

TEC elements

Model CP1-12726
50mm x 50mm x 3.64mm
245 – 320 Watts of cooling power
Operates from 0-15 volts DC and 0-26 amps
Operates from -60 deg C to +180 deg C
Each device is fully inspected and tested
Fitted with 6-inch insulated leads
Perimeter sealed for moisture protection

I don’t know the efficiency of such device, but let’s hope, that at least 10% from its 200W can be used for cooling.

This unit is about as twice as big as my older TEC unit. For hot side I’ll used big Pentium 4 cooler, and the cold side will be small chamber. Now I need to find quite powerful power supply for this device. I need some PSU with feedback, as I need to adjust temperature.

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