DIY Capacitance Meter

In German ( pages I found small schematics for caps meter. This schematic is designed for electrolytic capacitor metering. According to author, device range is from ~10µF to ~65 500 µF. This is not very accurate meter, but it is suitable for testing big electrolytic capacitors used in computer mainboard. And you must remember, that all electrolytic caps capacitance is printed on the body of cap with tolerance of 10, 20%. And for very big one even up to -20% … +50%.!!!

I made it on my testing breadboard for testing. The rainbow wire going outside board is ICSP connector to Willem programmer.

Capacitance meter

The circuit is very simple. The MCU is Microchip PIC16LF876A-I/SP (I used this) or PIC16F876A.

Circuit diagram
Big schematics for printing.

ICSP connector must be connected to: DATA-RB7(pin 28), CLCK-RB6(pin 27), Vpp-MCLR(pin 1), Vcc-Vdd(pin 20), GND-GND(pins 8&19).

Warning! Capacitor must be discharged before connecting it to meter.

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  1. John Abbott says:

    DIY Capacitance Meter
    Posted on February 9, 2006 by Administrator
    I have noted your aricles on the above project, is it possible to abtain the scource code for the above so that I may build this meter. I am an old age pensioner and dable with electronic projects as a hobby and to keep my mind active.
    Kind regards
    John Abbott

  2. Software, source code: (ASM ir HEX).

    Original Lithuanian version of the page with more comments:

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