Graphics LCD modules

Removed consoles from “big” copy machines. Two from Xerox 5343C and one from some other…

There are nice graphics LCD modules with backlight and touchscreen:

LCD module
As this module is removed with some processor board, when powered it tries to do something…

LCD modules
“Good side”

LCD modules
“Bad side”

It is OPTREX DMF50073N-F-FW with 15 control and power lines.

The touchscreen in these two modules are very simple- simple matrix of switches: 9×12.

The newer LCD module is more complicated. Ant touch screen is more precise- it is analogue, only 4 wires to screen. LCD module is EDMMR63WOF. With 12 wires for power and control. According to internet it is Panasonic 320×240 STN-LCD.

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7 Responses to Graphics LCD modules

  1. Daniel says:

    How do ypu drive the OPTREX DMF50073N-F-FW??? Do you have de answer??? Please, give me the data technical or information of this LCD.

  2. Daniel says:

    Como se maneja el LCD grafico OPTREX DMF50073N??? Alguien podria darme la designacion de los pines y las instrucciones???

  3. Inglés, ruso o lituano sola lengua.

  4. Daniel says:

    How do you drive the optrex DMF50073N-F-FW with 15 control and power lines??? What is the pinout of OPTREX DMF50073N-F-FW??? Please, give me this facts.

  5. Daniel says:

    Sorry, but the pinout at is for 14 pin, the DMF I got is of 15 pin… is the last pin a NC pin??? and the controller is kinda broken or something… could you check it please? thanks in Advance…

  6. I’ll check this module on evening. I abandoned playing with these controlless LCD screens- I need add too much electronics to receive any result.
    All these LCD are compatible with SED controllers and differ only by pinout variations.

    I reccomend you to choose newer LCD with RAM and controller on board.

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