Typical Tube Amp used in Soviet HiFi :)

Soviet radio devices used typical schematics for same class. They called it “unified chassis” or “unified frame”. Here is part of the schematics from II class radio+phone player. Power output, according to manual, is only 1.5W, but it played very loud!

Typical audio amp in Russia at 1966
Big Circuit diagram for printing.

Pin 17, line 5: +200V
Pin 15, line 3: +260V
Pin 21, line 1: +280V
Pin 20, line 2: +280V
Pin12: Audio in
R1: volume
R2: treble
R3: bass
L1, Л1: 6Н2П, ECC83, 12AX7 (but with heater modification)
L2, Л2: 6П14П, EL84, 6BQ5, 7189A

Power supply for this tube amp.
Tube Amp PSU
Big Circuit diagram for printing.

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