I have very big mobile phone

In my closet I found very old mobile phone. It is Motorola Associate 2000.
Motorola Associate 2000 mobile phone
The power supply and antenna is lost. But the most interesting part, that the phone is still working. Of course I can’t make calls, but I can hear busy tone or after pressing few buttons I hear “This service is not available for you”. It is funny, as officially NMT-450 phone system is not working for about 10 years. As I know, the system is used in local Telecome for giving phone numbers where copper wires are too expensive- in distant villages or in places where all copper pairs are already used.

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  1. PeKo says:

    I need the user guide of this equipment, please can you provide it for me. I need to know one special function, how to get SIS number, where this item is located in menu?

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