Tektronix Phaser 350 printer

What a wonderful device I found in pile of trash- color wax printer. To print, this printer uses melted wax.

It is very quick printer, the quality must be interesting. The print is waterproof.

The printer I found was almost without wax… It could be quite cool, but the wax ink stick (2 pcs.) in Lithuania is … 547LTL. As I need all 3 colors- 1641Lt. It is 3 minimal salary… This is “Lithuanian” price. Somehow in Germany, the price is much lower. The same shit is about 105.61€. But it is too many. If I didn’t find anything useful I fill that damn printer with plaster… Maybe I’ll buy few sticks of ink in eBay. Black is only 3USD. And color set is only about 30..60USD.

I placed few bids today…

Phaser Wax printer

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  1. Today I wond auction. It is interesting, I ‘ll manege to start this printer, or I’ll throw some money…

  2. Today I received my ink. It cost me only $52. For 12 sticks. And the printer is working fine. The only problem is with picking paper from paper bin. Working only manual feed. The counter of printer is showing about 68000 pages printed. Is it good? The good thing is that printer is with network card and max RAM installed.

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