Place to visit in your Windows.

There are lots of antispyware – addware software. Some of them are free, some commercial and some contains addware and spyware… So every windows user must know few place in their system to check and remove malicious software.

1. Start menu, Startup folder. Remove all strange, unused software.

2. Visit control panel, add remove programs. Uninstall all unused and bad software.

3. Start regedit. (Start, Run, regedit). For novice users visit only few known places. It is:
My Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Winodows\CurrentVersion\ and check Run and RunOne branches. Delete all unused and alien software.

Also check:
My Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\ and check Run, RunOnce and RunOnceEx…

4. Also check legacy files win.ini and system.ini from windows system folder. Check for [run] section.

5. Go to your Internet explorer properties- Temporary Internet Files->Settings->View Objects. And delete suspicious and “bad” objects.

Also press Control+Alt+Delete to invoke task manager. Look in the list for alien process. Stop it and if it starts again- it is bad software. Note the software name and search for it- it can be locate anywhere in hard disk. Try to delete the file. If windows denies access to file, try to rename file or rename parent folder. Sometimes, if software is starting in more complicated way it quite interesting to change virus executable to some text file. Just create with notepad any file and rename it to virus executable. Let the f**king virus run txt file :)

Cool, but dangerous tool is “HijackThis.exe”. This software shows all addware starting points. You can clean the computer by selecting software by mouse.

Be careful, you can kill your system if delete too much information.

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