Cool resistors

I found very cool resistors in old equipment. They are very nice design. The values are almost unusable in our days, especially in hobbyist works, but resistors are very nice. Resistors are inside glass tubes. The resistance is very big- it was some timing selector in old scientific equipment.

The value are in quite strange line: 316.2MΩ. Yes! It is three hundred sixteen millions, two hundred thousand ohms. All other resistors are similar, it differs only in tens: 312.6, 31.62, 3.162M. Less the value, more precise resistors are. 3MΩ is 0.5%. Glass ones only 1%.


Resistors on other switch are: 316.2M+0.00068uF, 100M+0.0022uF, 31.6M+0.0068uF, 10M+0.022uF and etc.


The device itself was made using mixed technology. Mainly using discrete resistors, but high voltage part was made using electron tube. The print on the tube is: VICTOREEN 7234, CLEVELAND, MADE IN USA. Tube is made circa 1970. The tube was regularly checked as it is many handwritten numbers on it.

The tube is older than me :)

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