Brain cooler

It was hot. And very damp air. The windows was open, 00:15AM, but the computer inside room raised temperature to 26°C and humidity is 90%. I needed brain cooler. Some time ago, I wrote that in eBay I bought some Peltier heat pump. So I connected it to some CPU cooler and here is some device:

brain cooler

As mine brains are well closed, I used copper cylinder for my testing. I is removed from some big P4 cooler. The fan in connected to simple wall adapter. But for Peltier I used car battery charger- I need lots of power.

brain cooler

This car charger have dual output 6 and 12V. When I connected Peltier to 6V output, build in ampermeter was showing about 6A. Total power used for heat pump is about 36W. When I connected it to 12V output, the ampermeter was overloaded. If the heat pump is linear device, total power could be 144W. The current is high, the wires connected to the elements become hot and very flexy. It’s a pity, but the CPU cooler can handle such powers and hot side of the element is overheated. And all system fails. The only result is a bit cold copper cylinder with few drops of condensed watter. Some sort of mini dew machine.

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