Naked LCD

Sometimes I try to fix LCD monitors and I have some leftover LCD modules from various LCD monitors. I place then in various spaces to prevent screen from scratches. I noticed one LCD module on my windows and I remembered one gad how to convert LCD monitor to video/computer overhead projector. So I disassembled the LCD module, removed all plastic and metal part. Now I have only the glass module with some chips glued to it. It is (I think) Chungwa 17″ module from Samsung monitor (Yes, not all Samsung monitors are made by Samsung). The LVDS control chip is made by Novatec. The matrix have some flaw typical to this Samsung model- white horizontal line and all image disappear after some time. The problem is in the row decoder (counter) chip. One chip is very hot and when it overheats, whole screen is switched off. The switched off LCD screen in transparent.

LCD isniekinimas

You can see bad chips on the side of the screen. In this photo it is in the top the image, as LCD module is rotated.

LCD isniekinimas

You can see, that LCD module is transparent. The photo is not very good, that you can imagine, that light can go threw the screen.

LCD isniekinimas

Here is more details of the screen. The wires going to the glass is so tiny. If someone could invent some technology to re-fix such chips… There are lots of LCD monitors with similar problems.

LCD isniekinimas

And here you can find my self portrait.

So, it is possible to place such naked LCD screen on the overhead projector and get the image on the screen hanging on the wall. The only problem is the heat- this type of the LCD didn’t like hot temperature. Also, I noticed some LCD change when it is lit by strong light source (I used some xenon torchlight for testing).

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