Thrustmaster LCD

I have Thrustmaster LCD in my LCD collection for more that one year. The exact model is: XL Screenmate. I was trying to sell it in my online shop, but nobody was interested. Our local electronic hobbyist are not very open minded and still stuck to smaller projects.

After some digging in the internet I found some pinouts and example schematics how to connect this LCD to analog RGB source with standard TV timing (PAL or NTSC).

I connected to Philips DVD player as it is easiest way to find analog RGB source with 50Hz/15kHz timings. It is possible to connect it using scart connector, but I don’t have male scart connector in my stock. So I connected directly to may PCB of the player.

Thrustmaster LCD

The image is a bit dark. Maybe it is old technology LCD matrix, or maybe the RGB level is too low. Also, the power supply of the DVD player is to weak to drive this screen. Original connector is labeled 7.5V with internal regulator in LCD screen. On RGB connector is +5V pin, but I never tested it. The DVD PSU has 5V and 12V output. When connected to 12V the PSU become very hot- it was overloaded. So if I want to integrate this screen to DVD player box I need to install more powerful power supply. In fact, current power supply is to weak to drive even the DVD player. When player starts to spin the disk, the image gets darker- it seams, that PSU is lowering all voltages- some sort of brown out.

Thrustmaster LCD

Here is closer look to the device. That ugly green plastic is already removed. I just was too lazy to make new photo for this web log.

Connector’s pinout:

5 – CSync
8 – Common Gnd
9 – Blue
11 – Red
12 – Green
10 – +5V (never tested this pin)

There must be sound input pins.

It is possible to use this screen with personal computer. Just use some advanced video card tuning software (something like Powerstrip) and set output as 640x480i (Arcade) screen type.

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  1. jean.paul says:

    5 – Csyn is wrong!
    It does not work with “5″ instead use 6 and connect to 20 at scart!

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