Repairing Philips DVP-3010 and clones

Somehow I received “several” bad Philips DVP 3010-02 DVD (DivX/Xvid) players. They were sold in local market about year ago for about 100$.
All the devices have same flaw- not reading disk due to the damage of flexible conductor. This is design error. I think Philips must pay me some money for discovering such errors :)

First off all, the only thing from Philis is brand name sticker on the device and few bitmaps in firmware. It is generic DVD player with Mediatek processor. It is same CPU as in VIDO player (and many other). Disk reading device is made by ASATECH.

To repair this player just open the box, remove disk holder and look to flexible conductor. If one end, near laser is bended to sharp angle the problem is located. All you need is to change this conductor… or just spend some time and repair it.

Philips DVP 3010-02

In this image you can see the broken part of flexible pcb. Also, when removing the conductor, remove some scotch tape holding it. This tape is placed in wrong place- there is very small room to flex pcb. If the tape was glued near the main PCB, the player would be working without any problem.

Philips DVP 3010-02

In this image you can see where the flexible conductor was glued (1) and the place were it is broken (2).

Philips DVP 3010-02

Here is the image of repaired device. The conductor is glued in other place, so it can curve in lots of space. Some players were with special pcb holder, but the flaw is the same.

To fix player you need:

1. Screwdriver “star”
2. Screwdriver “philips”
3. Scissors.
4. Some Scotch.
5. Good thermoregulated iron (if you want to fix pcb instead of buying new one)
6. Some other tools and steady arms.

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12 Responses to Repairing Philips DVP-3010 and clones

  1. Peter says:


    How do i fix this cable? #5. Good thermoregulated iron (if you want to fix pcb instead of buying new one)

    Beacause i dont know where to buy a new cable my supplier dont have this cable anymore.
    Or you have a dealer who sell this cable ?


  2. Nope, I don’t buy or sell these cables. Simmilar cables are widely used in other equipment. Just find any cable long enough and having same conductors picth. It may be wider just cut unused lines away near connector.

    Or cut bad part of the cable near connector, save fixing plastic. Remove isolation from one side of the cable, glue plastic to form thicker end and place it to DVD.

  3. asdaq says:

    just to clarify a bit as it was somewhat vague. the pcb mentioned is actually the small strip on the disc side of the cable, which unclips delicately from the laser board. to fix the cable, i used scissors to trim of about 2mm of the end of the connector, replaced in socket and then moved the tape as seen in pic above. hope this helps and thanks for posting this in the 1st place.

  4. In most cases, the damage is much more distant than 2mm from side. I just cut all the damaged area, using regulated soldering iron remove all isolation and glue blue plastic spacer back. It take about 2 minutes to repair the cable.

  5. Andude says:

    I had the problem, that my player just “started” not reading all disks. Some original DVDs played just fine, on some at least the scene selection and forwarding didn’t work, and CD-RW divX movies stopped playing after a short while. The repairs explained here do work in for this case, too. Thanx a lot!

  6. It is typical “low laser beam” problem. There may be some dust on optical path or laser diode output power is too low. It is posible to clean some external dust, other cleaning or diode change is impractical.

  7. Andude says:

    Hmm. I used a lense cleaner DVD a few times before adopting the fixing procedure described here. While the player case was open, I did in fact remove a tiny hair from the lense… maybe that was the problem? :-D

    Either way, if so the repairs I made did no harm, so thanks anyways. The player works fine again now :-)

  8. Alex78 says:

    Hi. Maybe you can advice me something too. `Loading` message after inserting disk and nothing happens. Couple of switching on/off the player can solve the problem for the moment. I have already changed the flat cable, you was talking about, but nothing changes.

  9. Open the case and check “loading” procedure. The spin-up of the disk must be fast. Also, disk stop must be fast. If not, maybe spinning motor is worn out (btw, typical problem with xoro dvd). Next, check if the “saddle” of disk is clean. Maybe disk is not properly placed on spinning axis. Check laser optics for some dust- especially if player is used by “smoking user”. If it will not help and ribbon cable is ok, then throw away that player- it is time for new one.
    Also, check CD and DVD disk- different laser are used when reading. So if device can read only one type of the disk- there may be problems with laser. Practically not repearable.

  10. Pecsi Stefan says:

    Hi.Dvd Philips DVP3010/02 screen message:HELLO,it not continue …

  11. Stanley says:

    I have a bad philips home theater system due to flooding can y plz a vice me on where to get a complete loader or a replacement lens

  12. throw it away to trash.

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