Electromagnetic radiation

I was visiting Italy and entered one of the smallest countries- San Marino. All tourist must visit castle on the top of the mountain. As such high placed is often used as radio transmission spot, one castle tower is populated with various radio antennas.

ElektromagnetinÄ— spinduliuotÄ—

In one small room I found quite powerful power supply and some transmitter- the cooling fans were on full speed and I even noticed some watter cooling system. Most interesting fact were discovered later, when I was watching video tape. I noticed that when camera is in the direction to antenna’s field I can hear some funny noise. But when I turn it from them or just place camera behind something solid like stone block or my head :) the noise is fading. Also I noticed that all metal parts in the castle are connected with heavy wires and connected to earth. I guessed that it was simple lightning protection, but while watching video tape I notice that transmitter noise is getting louder when camera is placed near metal connection. I think there is quite strong electromagnetic field and it introduces quite high voltage in big metal parts.

It is interesting, how much time the tourist must stay in this castle tower to melt its brains?

The only good think for castle owners is that this small country didn’t belong to European union, so the local authorities do not need to worry about this radiation.

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2 Responses to Electromagnetic radiation

  1. musa ajrai says:

    how to get and enjoy the heavy brain dump metal

  2. Kosta says:

    Cross at top of castle – is antenna to God? ;-)

    Not too alot antennas, but enough for tourist brains :)

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