Power Saving lamp schematics

As mentioned in previous post, I am examining my energy saving lamps. I am still reverse engineering the schematics of GE lamp. But I found in internet some schematics that looks like real schematics of chinese made lamp.

Power Saving lamp schematics
May contain errors

Few words about the schematics. Rectifier B1 and capacitor C4 is standard. Just making DC from mains AC. C4 is about 400V and 10mkf. The energy for the lamp is stored in L1 inductor, while transformer is used to crate auto-generating generator. Still don’t understand the regulating part of this device.

PTC resistor is used to start the lamp.

In GE lamp the transformer is only with two windings. They use N and P channel mosfets, so they can connect them in parallel.

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  1. Kris Adiseto says:

    Is it really works?

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