SCSI mania

I have lots of SCSI board (Adaptec AHA-2940 ant AHA-2940UW) ant 2 Hardware RAID controllers. I even have SCSI disk boxes, but I don’t have UW external 68 pin cable. Raid controllers are DPT PM3224 and PM3334UW, so called SmartRAID Card III and SmartRAID Card IV. Windows 2K didn’t have drivers and I didn’t find any working in internet. But when I inserted card in Win98 it didn’t even asked for drivers. also, it seams that Linux works with it without any problems. But, again, I don’t have cable…

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  1. In ebay I bought 68pin-68pin cable. Only for 3.5GBP. Now it is time for testing. I even installed DPT card in Linux box. The only question is, why I need to install it?

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