Do you need website?

Ten years ago, such question maybe could be appropriate, but now it is silly one. Every business must have own web page to show that it is alive like columbus website design. Why? If you want to show yourself to possible clients, you can do it in various ways. Some of them are very expensive, some very complicated. Easy way to show yourself is to have website. Not some empty www with contacts and outdated information, but updated website with interesting, human readable information. And this information must be dynamic- someone must update data in your site regularly. Do not make you company website filled with trash like personal facebook page of some silly hipster who post every meal he have. Information in your website must be in your business sphere- show your reader that you are professional in your job.
Do not bother to find some designer to create special over-expensive logo and graphic design. It is not very important- it is only second factor after good content. When your business will be much bigger, then you can afford much higher ranked web and advert system.
If you have your website, but it was static for several years (or even decades) it is worth next to nothing, you must update it new technology and style. It looks like nonsense if you have good content? Maybe, but web-page visitor make first glance and make decisions. And only after these first expressions, reader start reading your valuable information.
Again: first glance and design for first time visitors, second- good content for web search engines and valuable external links. Always share some of your experience, it will not harm you business. Also, you some video about your products, not the “fly arround your facility”, but real information.

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