Problems with money management?

Recent waves of economic instability caused lots of problems in small business. It was american dream to open new business, make money by your self. But now everybody can get yourself in to the trouble. Why? It is your credit situation.
But for those with bad credit, the prospect of business ownership may seem more like a fantasy than a viable option. While it’s true that bad credit can hurt your chances for raising money, financial resources are still available for those who are willing to look for them. There are lots of resources in the internet about credit, money management, but how to find your own path? How to avoid possible problems- it your own money, do not gamble.
Yes, you can go to your bank and ask for advice. But recent history show, that bank is cheating too. And it is natural, bank’s main assignment is to make more money- it has owner too. So the bank is not the solution…
And if you need to close your venture? How about bankruptcy? How to save more money? How not to make mistake in that jungle of the law? Maybe you need this sort of advice?
And how about lending money to save your business? Just as you would with an outside lender, spell out to family members what you’re trying to do and what they’ll get out of the deal if they lend their financial support.
Find a way to formalize the agreement, perhaps by issuing a promissory note with details on when and how you’ll pay the money back. Another tool that could be helpful is site I found one place, it is rmcn credit services, they may help you to solve lots of your money loosing problems.
Regardless of the method you pursue to raise money, don’t borrow more than you need. A rule of thumb is to take on only debt that directly contributes revenue to your business. So it might make sense to borrow money to hire key staff, but it would be a mistake to borrow to buy a better computer when your current PC still works. The key to starting a business with bad credit is being flexible enough to build slowly, and as your credit rating improves, taking advantage of new avenues of funding.

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