At work, sometimes, we need to print some papers in color. So we need some cheap color printing solution. First we used old HP 970cxi printer, but now we need to print more. Original cartridges are very expensive, so we used refilled ones. It is very easy to fill color cartridge, just add some ink using top hole. There some more work with black ink cartridge- the hole must be closed with steel ball. But the cartridge is too small. So I bought more powerful printer for this- HP Business Ink Jet 1000 series. It is “semi- professional” printer with unmovable cartridges. The cartridges contains much more ink than moving ones. But I bought this printer having idea about CIS (continuous ink system). In some Russian site I even find instructions how to build it and how to disable ink cartridge chip. But then I decided to use already made solution and bought CIS system from China in eBay. For about $90 (including shipping and handling) I received full CIS system prefilled with ink. Here is the photo of CIS system in our printer:

CIS for HP1000

We already added ink to the system. Just pour some in to the bottle and that’s all! The only problem is with magenta color- some problems with ink head. I don’t know what is causing the problem: bad ink, bad pressure of ink, bad parking or just coincidence.

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