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I don’t like software with skins. Period. But sometimes I am forced to use such software as lame programmers love skins. Typically, the programmers builds some useful software, then he update it and make lots of bug-fixes. Then he didn’t know what to add, but he wants to make “new software”, so he invents skins…
These skins introduces lots of new bug and so, programmer have a job for next few years. :)

So if you program software, please leave option to start it without skins. Just plain windows user interface. Also, test your skins to other possible font combinations and screen font dpi. Also, don’t forget to test your software in “handicap” mode- if it possible to navigate in your software without mouse, is it working in strange screen settings, check all keyboard shortcuts. Be sure, that your software is in unicode mode (this is special message to Russian programmers- Hey! We do not use old computer with fucking strange KOI code page. Hello! There is 21-st century here! Use unicode. For chinese friends I have some messages too- sometimes you love to use your big-big unicode font for english text.
Also, check if your HEX table is using fixed width font. Look at this China made masterpiece:

lygus skaiciukai

I know, that Windows interface is ancient. Thanks to Bill, programmer have to navigate in pixel coordinates when designing GUI. I could be nice, if Microsoft corporation could buy Magic User Interface idea (MUI, not Windows multiuserinterface) from Stefan Stunz. This is unique dynamic interface with complete end user adaptation- end user even can “skin” any button. This interface was build before Win95 was invented. Few M$ could help modest shareware programmer to live. :)

And here is example of the ugliest skin. Made by China programmers- due to their unique imagination we have this masterpiece. It make my hands shaking when I see it:


Bigger image.

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3 Responses to Skin marasmus

  1. Bowker Gobrot says:

    Please – when you have ugly thing like this – I beg you – DO NOT include a “bigger image” link.
    I now have vomit all over my keyboard :(

  2. Kenneth Wade Wilson says:

    The Chinese are strange people. None of their humor works on our brains either, nor does our humor work on theirs. In their language, precisely HOW they say something is often more important than WHAT they say. And they are half the population. My theory is they are all reincarnated women waiting for new bodies to become available in other countries.

  3. Natassia says:

    Well Mr. Wilson, at least this comment is not entirely debasing-maybe there is hope for your recovery! My theory is that you are a lonely individual who has led a blessed priveledged life, yet obsesses on what might have been. I don’t find veiled humor about chinas forced abortion/infantacide history to be funny. Please remember when you post that you are creating a historic trail of your own.

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